An Invite-Only Network Marketing Mastermind 


What if you could find a safe place where top income earners and proven Network Marketing Professionals from all over the world could come together weekly, open their playbooks, collaborate, and grow as leaders as they help guide the Network Marketing Profession into the future? Well now you can...

hear from industry top earners on their next level mastermind experience  

"Next Level Mastermind Allowed Me To Get and Stay Connected To Other Top Producers That Caused Me To Think Bigger And Take More Action That Has Changed Everything For Me"
- Angel Fletcher
"I've been a 7-Figure+ earner in this industry for over 10 years...and there is no other place I know to get what's working best right now to get to 7 figures and beyond than at the Next Level Mastermind. 
- Brian Carruthers
"Next Level Mastermind is so rare because we are all here to see how much we can give to each other...if you are a Six-Figure earner that is committed to going to 7-Figures...I can't recommend the Next Level Mastermind enough"
- Loren Lahav
"I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and have been in several masterminds...and I have never been part of anything this valuable in my entire life "
- Jefferson Santos
" Our Volume has grown 400% and our income has doubled since joining Next Level Mastermind. 

Eric and other mastermind members taught us how to master duplication and promotion...and that has made all the difference in the world."
- Tony and Sarah Zolecki
"We all have blind spots that hold us back...Next Level Mastermind allowed me to get around people that are better than me and have helped see things I would have never seen on my own."
- Jordan Adler
    • Bi-Weekly calls with Eric Worre and the group
    • ​Valuable recordings of the previous Zoom trainings and in-person meetings
    • ​Up to 3 in-person, 3-Day events at the Worre's home (travel accommodation is not included)
    • ​Go Pro Academy Level 1 and Level 2 membership
    • ​1 Go Pro Xperience 2024 VIP Ticket 
    • Personal VIP Concierge Support
    • ​Unlimited access to training session replays
    • ​Access to the Private Facebook Group
    • Access to the Private Telegram Group

    For Network Marketer Leaders
    Earning $250K Or More Annually

    Only $30,000!

    Our Mission

    For over 30 years, I have personally used Mastermind groups to accelerate my learning and my success. There is power in shared wisdom. In good times and bad, the right Mastermind group provides you with an incredible competitive advantage. All of us have a few friends we turn to for input or advice, but a Mastermind accelerates that process and gives it much more value.

    If you are a six-figure earner or above, YOU NEED to join the Next Level Mastermind! I know it will help you achieve your goals faster and with less stress than trying to do it on your own.

    In addition, the Next Level Mastermind NEEDS YOU! I know your unique wisdom, knowledge and experience will bring tremendous value to the overall group. And while membership is limited to those currently earning six figures or more, the average annual member income in this group is over $750,000.

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    If you have any hesitation at all about becoming a member of one of these prestigious MasterMinds, I’d encourage you NOT TO JOIN

    These Masterminds are strictly for leaders who believe in the Mastermind Mission and who accept the responsibility of actively participating in a group of leaders elevating leaders.

    If, however, you are ready to ACHIEVE YOUR NEXT LEVEL, we would love to have you join us!

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